PTZOptics Camera and Joystick Setup


Connect all the cameras and systems according to the correct diagram. If you're setting up an NDI system, you'll need this diagram. However, for most of our systems, the below image shows the correct connections.

⚠️. NOTE: The Fiber Optic HDMI cables are one-directional. The "source" end connects to the camera, while the "display" end connects to the PC or ATEM.


You can use DHCP to dynamically assign an IP address for your camera. This is a great way to temporarily assign an IP address to your camera. You can set your camera with DHCP by using the IR Remote and entering “ # * 4 ”Once the camera reboots, you can use the IR remote to find the dynamic IP address by pressing “ * # 4 ” - It will show the camera’s IP address in the ATEM multi-view monitor.

💡 HINT: If you're unable to locate the IP address, reboot your camera by unplugging the ethernet cable for a few seconds. Plug the camera back in, and then monitor the video feed. When the camera first boots up, it will display its IP address for a quick moment. Be ready to write it down as it goes away pretty fast.


Assign a static IP address to your camera with any Mac or PC computer’s web browser, like Chrome or Safari. Enter the IP address of your camera into your web browser and press enter. when prompted enter the default username and password which is “admin/admin”.

You may want to consider changing this default password in the admin area. Navigate to the “Network Seetings” tab and choose “Fixed IP Address” from the very first drop-down menu, and then save the settings and reboot.

If the camera doesn't prompt a reboot automatically, you can reboot your camera by clicking the “System” tab and clicking the “Reboot” button.


Your joystick can also be set to a fixed IP address as well, though it's not necessary.

On the Joystick's LCD screen, it should list its Native IP address. This is the IP address of the joystick.

Navigate your browser to that IP address, and log in using the username "admin" - there is no password for the joystick by default.

The page you will see is a list of cameras. To add your cameras, you simply click the small pencil icon to the right side and enter their IP address in the correct field, then click save.

All other information should be correct, so only change the IP address.

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