Configuring Sony Mirrorless Cameras for Live Streaming

There are 3 required settings to get your Sony camera ready for live streaming:

  1. Set the auto-shutoff time to 30m setting (this will keep the camera on indefinitely)
  2. Set the overheating setting to “high” (this setting is on the same menu page as #1)
  3. Set the HDMI output info to “off” (this will give you a clean HDMI output)

In this step, you will fine-tune some settings on your streaming cameras. A lot of settings have already been configured, but every sanctuary has different lighting, etc. So, you will need to adjust four things for each of your streaming cameras.

⚠️ Other camera brands (Canon, Blackmagic Design) are similar.

1: Adjust the Framing

Mount your camera in its permanent position, and frame the wide-angle shot you want from that camera. Remember, you can always “crop in” or “zoom” digitally in your streaming software. So you want to set the wide view you desire from that angle.

2: Adjust the ISO

The ISO is like a volume knob for brightness. Every church will be different. So, adjust the ISO, until your picture looks the way you want it to look. Just know, if you turn the ISO up too high, it introduces noise. So, go for as low as you can to still get the image you want.

3: Adjust the White Balance

In the menu of the camera, under the 9th (9/11) menu, you will see an option for white balance. Then use the dial to cycle through the options. You will want to toggle through the options to find the one that matches your sanctuary. This is not something you want to leave on auto.

Optional 4: Adjust the Aperture

When you’re out of the menu, the aperture can be controlled by the horizontal wheel on the top-right of the camera. Aperture controls how much light the lens allows to hit the sensor – lower means a brighter image. In most cases, this can be left to auto, but you can play with it and see what you like best.

NOTE: Make sure the number on the bottom-left of the screen reads 1/60. Use the dial to set if you accidentally change that number (it’s easy to accidentally do).

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