Seating the Graphics Card

Step 1: Open the PC Case and Remove Bubble Wrap

Step one is to open the computer case (usually 2 screws on the back, left of the tower). These screws may not come out all the way, but once they are loose, you can gently pull the side panel toward the back of the PC, and the side panel will slide free.

Step 2: Seat the Graphic Card

Step 2 is to remove the 2 support screws in the open slots, and carefully seat the graphics card into its PCI slot. Once it fits into place, gently push down to snap the card into the PCI slot.
Screw the two support screws back in to secure the graphics card in place, and then plug in the card power, as you see in the video.
Once this is done, you can close the case and power on the PC!